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Papio Baskets and Gifts was started in 1993 as part-time outlet to support our hobby of collecting baskets, sewing, knitting, and crafts of all kinds. We started selling our baskets, custom hand made clothing, and gift items at select boutiques and craft shows. Our customers liked our products so much they kept returning over and over again always looking for something new. We responded to the constant requests for new items when we added individual gourmet food items to our gift baskets.

Our customers returned over and over again. They kept asking for new products for their gift baskets and gift giving.  At that same time some friends of ours were looking for a market for their salsas and jams. This was the origin of the Papio Baskets and Gifts of today. In the spring of 1998 we started selling our all natural salsas and jams at craft fairs. More customers kept coming back to buy our salsas and jams. As time went on the number of craft fairs that we were doing kept growing. Customers started calling us at our home wanting to know which craft fair we were going to be at next so they could get more of their favorite items. 

 In early 2003 we were discussing customers and customer service with the store manager of a regional grocery store chain and one thing lead to another and that grocery store started selling our salsas and jams. One store turned into two stores, then three and now our products are in nearly 40 stores.

 The customers who have purchased our products in stores have served it to their friends and families who have visited them from out of state.  Their friends and families would contact us about shipping our products to them in their community. This helped us further our business and get our name out to people in other states. People started to ask us if they could order our salsas and jams online, and here we are today.


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