Frequently Asked Questions

All Papio Baskets and Gifts product have a 18 to 21 month shelf life. Most of our products have a best by date printed on the jar lid. Those that don't have the best by date in the jar lid have it on a label on the bottom of the jar.
Once the jar has been opened it does need to be refrigerate.
All of our salsas and jams can be purchased directly from us or from one of the stores listed under the Stores menu.
Not all stores carry all of our products.
The product pages list the locations where an individual Papio Baskets and Gifts product can be purchased.
Not all stores carry all of our products.
The reason your favorite store doesn't carry Papio Baskets and Gifts products may be as simple as asking the store manager
to order our products (Some stores may need to get approval from their parent company before ordering new products).
Ask the manager to contact us at


or write us at

Papio Baskets and Gifts LLC
P.O. Box 460653
Papillion, NE 68046

There are several possible reasons that they don't carry your favorite item:
1. No one has requested that they carry that item.
2. Limited shelve space in the store.
3. They are not aware of our product selection and they need an updated Papio Baskets and Gifts product list.
Each merchant sets their own prices for Papio Baskets and Gifts products.
All Papio Baskets and Gifts products are all gluten free.
Papio Baskets and Gifts products do not contain any artificial ingredients or preservative but, they are not organic.
Papio Baskets and Gifts products are natural and no artificial ingredients or preservatives are used. If a Papio Baskets and Gifts product would ever contain an artificial ingredient we will note it on our web page describing the product.
We always welcome new wholesale customers to the Papio Baskets and Gifts family. You must have a business license
(or sales tax license) from your state and or city where your business is located.
Please contact us at
(402)-740-4657 about becoming a wholesale customer.
Papio Baskets and Gifts can provide private labeling for our wholesale customers.
You will need to provide your information and any graphics you want at least two weeks before desired delivery date.
There is a one time label setup fee.

We can also provide our products unlabeled for those customers that already have their own labels.


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